Labrador Training Book to
Stop Your Puppy Biting, Barking
and Wetting the Carpet

And Save Money on Damaged Carpets and Furniture

From: Arthur Stoller, the dog trainer.

Dear Fellow Puppy Dog Lover,
I am an established expert in training dogs and for over 18 years, have been showing dog owners how to make their dogs obey commands.

The problems I have been working on are mostly on stopping biting, barking and carpet wetting. I will teach you how to train your puppy to stop these bad habits fast, with no outside help whatsoever.
I regularly show how to stop this in a few days and I am very surprised how long it takes many others to train dogs when I put and end to biting and barking quickly.
How fast ? I have shown many times that I can do this in two days.

If you visit an established dog trainer he will likely charge you a lot of money and involve you in visiting him over many weeks. I think this is crazy. I have shown over and over again, that I can achieve the same result in 2 days.

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From: kedar@                      .com
Subject: My Labrador

Hi Arthur

We just read your ebook on dog training and we'd love to you to see some of the tricks we got our dog to do.

"My Dog Performing Commands "


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From: daniel@                      .com
Subject: My Success with your ebook

Hi Arthur

l thought you'd appreciate these pictures of my puppies. As you will see they are very young in this photo and tired out after the great training we got them to follow from your book.
I have to say l didn't think your ebook could tell this Labrador
breeder something new but l was wrong. Your ebook is full of ideas and suggestions that any dog owner could use.
Daniel Farry

labrador training  

"Puppies Tired After Training "


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From: claireb@                      .com
Subject: training my labrador

Hi Arthur,

Thanks for giving me the link to your e-book on training Labrador
dogs, l had a great time reading it, that l read it all in one marathon
session and l couldn't stop, l did not know l was
making my dog sick until l read the pages on forbidden foods.
My parents could not stop laughing when l used the training sessions for real. but were very happy to see how fast SPOTS,
my pup, learned things. My cat Issy has take her on as one of the family.
You may like the picture of my cat and pup.

Claire Belper
England UK

1  Claire's drawings of her puppy and cat

"Puppy Now Eating Safe Food "

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From: seriousmagicl@                      .com
Subject: My Success

Hi Arthur

Here is a picture of our dog Buster looking so well after all of his health problems, l have grown up with Buster and was at my wits end with his poor health and no energy.
Thanks to your book he is enjoying himself down on the farm now, although the play training is good, l still can't get him to drive the tractor, ha, ha.
Many thanks

"Buster and his Tractor "

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From: burger38@                      .com
Subject: My Success

Hi Arthur

I am sending a photo of Snowy we promised we'd send you. After purchasing your ebook we have seen Snowy grow quickly in confidence and problems we had when taking him for a walk. He used to be very shy with other people and their dogs. That has all changed, dad says your book hit the right spot when you say, there are no bad dogs , just bad owners who need to be trained. So sister Becky and me have become good owners, thanks to your book.
Annie xxxx

labrador training  

"Snowy is More Confident Now "

People Who Try get their dog to stop barking using any type of electronic device are wasting waste thier time, say Amazon users. Many comments state "they only work the first time" or "They run through batteries very fast"
On top of that a high percentage of dogs just don't respond to them and you'd be back to square one.

To handle puppies who wet, many companies offer diapers, but how long do you really think you are going to persist with these and have to handle all that fuss ?
Who needs it ?
Our methods bypass all this because you teach your dog once and that lasts a lifetime. Simple. No need for any devices or equipment. You'll stop him fast, and never need to try anything else.

There are 3 effective secrets that 100 top breeders use to :

Quickly Stop Biting and Chewing !!
Your new puppy will get so much fun from training sessions that in no time at all he will become house trained and will soon learn that your valuable furniture and carpets are not for your dog to play with and certainly not to be chewed. Go step by step through our program from day 1, showing your puppy the right way from the very start.

You will set the boundaries for your puppy to follow.

We will provide you with five insider secrets that 100 top dog breeders use, based on labrador psychology and successfully used by highly experienced labrador owners with the very same problems, that will immediately control and stop biting and chewing. You will even control playful mouth chewing by puppies using our methods so that your puppy grows up into a well-behaved dog that you will be proud of.

Stop Barking Overnight
Your next door neighbors will be truly happy when you use our methods to stop your dog barking.
We divulge 4 inside secrets of the fastest ways you’ll use to stop your puppy’s barking with immediate effect.

Stop Carpet Wetting Fast
Finally put to an end bad doggie smells in your home.
Save on the cost of cleaning carpets by training your puppy fast. You’ll discover how to avoid carpet wetting once and for all, with these 6 most successful methods.
Your puppy will very quickly become more relaxed and happy in your home.

  I've helped so many people solve their problems that I've decided to release a book which gives you a ton of information on solving all these problems AND
how to have more fun with your puppy.

Inside this book are 61 more Expert Insider Secrets you'll want to know about to really enjoy your new puppy, including :

Here is a Summary of What You Will Get

  • 5 ways to stop him snapping and biting
  • 4 ways to effectively stop barking fast.
  • 6 ways to stop carpet wetting
  • How to have much more fun with your dog by playing outdoor games that he'll love(and so will you)
  • Automatic training that becomes second nature
  • 19 of the most often asked questions fully answered, that your puppy will gain from
  • How to join in and improve your health with your puppies natural energy
  • How puppies are trained to be the eyes and ears for disabled people
  • Your puppy with children
  • Easy-to-learn lessons train your puppy to know who's in charge from the start
  • Knowing you've chosen the right leash
  • The best toys and tools for helping with discipline
  • How to use 3 simple little tricks to bond faster with your puppy
  • What you dog's body language actually means
  • How to control jumping on you and on strangers
  • 9 new tricks you can teach your dog even if he is no longer a puppy
  • 5 of the most loved popular games for your dog
  • Foods that you mustn't let your dog eat
  • How to minimize separation anxiety when your dog is left on his own

There are several key areas in how labrador training that will help you become a really effective trainer with your puppy.
For instance, understanding life from your dog's point of view.
They have their own psychology and when you understand it, you can use it to have a much greater control of him.
Some fun things we will introduce you to are dressing your dog up for a costumes party

There are broadly 3 different types of dog:

  • the bullying dog,
  • the timid dog,
  • the nervous dog
Establishing the hierarchy in your house is vital, and understanding the psychology here will set the hierarchy in your home.
Dogs love to live in an established hierarchy and its critical you keep him in his place.
There are 10 key things you need to know and do to become an expert and be in control.You will learn these quickly and be surprised how well your pet responds.
These techniques become obvious when you read and use them and if you are not using them now, you are missing an opportunity to solve some problems very quickly.

You will learn the importance of bonding and how you can use this to have even greater control over his behaviour.

There's one great chapter on tried and tested discipline methods.
Read and use these and you will make your life so much easier. It really is a must for anyone thinking of buying or training a pup.

Warning.....Chapter 15 Pages 63 to 65
You need to know how Damaging And Harmful Certain Food And Liquids Can Be To Your Puppy !  

These pages could save your puppy's life.
You'll be so glad you read them!.............They'll also save you large vet bills !!

We've put together some great tricks to teach your dog and give you hours of fun with him or her, no matter where you are.
We appended new enjoyable games to the old favorites:
Shaking hands, turn right and left and jumping over big obstacles, make great entertainment for you and your family
We've written them out simply so you can train him right from the start.
They're all designed to ensure you get the most from your pooch and if you've kids even more so.

It just takes things much further from just having a dog to having a family member who will be well trained, good with people, know his place in the hierarchy and a loved and valued pet in your home.

Finally, Let me take all the risk

  Your choice of your puppy is for life,
our guarantee is peace of mind.

You have 60 days to read and use the 61 inside secrets to improving the behavior of your Labrador Pup. If you are not totally happy with the improvement of your dog, we guarantee to fully refund your money, with no questions asked.


This e-book is the result of 6 months of interviewing over 100 top breeders, together with several years of personal experience training dogs and written by A Dog Lover for Dog Lovers and l wish you all the fun in the world with your choice of puppy.


We are fully 100% confident that you will be able to put to good use, the Labrador Puppy Guide on how to train a dog, so palce your order now, and apply step-by -step training techniques that will delight and amaze you as you see big changes in your puppy's behavior.

As a special introductory offer and for 7 days only, we are reducing the price from the planned $39.95 USD. to $25.50. After this time we plan to put the price back to the normal $39.95. To order safely on line, click here to visit our secure web server and follow the 3 easy steps

Yours sincerely,


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P.S.  Stop your puppy barking, biting and carpet wetting FAST

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